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IT Support for your Industry

Customized IT support designed to meet your distinct business requirements and objectives.

Teaming up with an IT support company that comprehends your industry provides a competitive advantage and propels you ahead of your rivals.

While we provide support to clients across various sectors, our specific expertise lies in the Financial Services, Healthcare, Property, Law, and Professional Services industries.

What this means for you:

You won’t need to invest time in explaining industry requirements and regulations, or educating us about your industry-specific software.

We comprehend your business requirements, the obstacles you encounter, and the IT solutions that will offer the maximum benefits to your business.

As we grasp the unique challenges encountered by businesses in your industry and possess expertise in implementing effective solutions, we can initiate improvements from day one. This will enhance your productivity, minimize downtime, and enable you to concentrate on expanding your business and boosting revenue.

Enterprise & Commercial

From small-scale deployments to extensive implementations, we have successfully handled a diverse range of projects. Our team of IT experts is well-equipped to assist you with planning, designing, and architecting to modernize your infrastructure. Managing and maintaining your infrastructure 24/7/365 can be both time-consuming and costly, especially when you are focused on running your business. The burden on your IT team may become substantial as they strive to ensure a robust infrastructure while addressing day-to-day issues like application management, system outages, or virus attacks. We can aid in strategizing a comprehensive system overhaul, establishing new budgets, defining goals for your IT team, and providing augmentation, support, or consultation to your existing staff. What sets us apart is our commitment to fostering a lasting relationship built on honesty and flexibility, distinguishing us from other IT companies you may encounter.

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Small & Medium Businesses

Through our comprehensive monthly IT support plans for your business, you can establish a predictable budget for your IT requirements and gain peace of mind, knowing that your systems are operating at their optimal performance levels.

We assess your tech support requirements, design the most efficient network, monitor and support your computer systems, and offer reliable and dependable computer support and repair as part of our Managed Services. Our emphasis is on data security, business continuity, and disaster recovery to ensure your business remains operational at all times. Additionally, we offer custom application development tailored to meet unique business needs.

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Healthcare & Medical Practices

From overseeing medical software vendors to providing protection against malware, spyware, and viruses for your desktops and servers; from ensuring the health of your computer network to maintaining HIPAA compliance, whether in favorable circumstances or during disaster preparedness and recovery, you can rely on us to keep your medical practice office operational.

In a healthcare environment, top-tier IT support is crucial. Medical practices need to maintain a dependable network while adapting to the evolving demands of the dynamic industry. With our extensive industry knowledge and expertise, CTEK is well-equipped to address all your IT requirements in your medical practice, ranging from initial system installation to a comprehensive array of ongoing support options.

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Federal, State & Local Government

Whether at the Federal, State, or Local Government level, we specialize in delivering efficient and scalable technology solutions to the public sector. Whether you seek a government solution for cloud computing or aim to modernize your IT environment for enhanced data security, our IT experts possess the connections and expertise to provide technology solutions aligned with your key initiatives.

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Manufacturing & Warehouse

Many small to medium-sized manufacturers typically rely on a designated “computer guy” to oversee the computer technology that sustains their operations and production. Depending on a single individual around the clock can be challenging. Dealing with issues like computer system malfunctions, installing or upgrading existing software platforms, and implementing technology security protocols to guard against evolving cyber-threats may surpass the capacity of your current tech support staff.

We offer tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. When necessary, our technical consultants can collaborate closely with your in-house technical professionals. We are ready to handle a diverse range of tasks, from substantial installations and upgrade projects to smaller yet equally vital responsibilities, such as providing technical support to your in-house staff, customers, or vendors. Consider our team of computer support professionals as an extension of your own IT Department. With top-notch education and real-time working experience in the manufacturing industry, our IT Engineers and consultants specialize in computer network integration and provide ongoing tech support through our Managed IT Services. We swiftly address any issues that may arise while ensuring that your systems consistently operate smoothly.

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Education & Non-profit

Whether you require assistance in implementing Office 365 for your students and faculty or need to revamp your campus network infrastructure for enhanced speed and efficiency, we possess industry partnerships and experience in the education sector to deliver the results you seek. Our portfolio includes award-winning technology training programs designed to ensure that your staff maximizes the potential of classroom and campus technology. Whether you are a school district or a non-profit organization, we can assist you in meeting the technology demands of today’s evolving classroom and education environment through a range of storage, security, data management, and network infrastructure solutions.

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Financial Services

The financial sector is marked by intense competition, stringent regulations, and elevated client expectations. To meet these demands, financial services organizations must invest in the latest technologies to sustain their competitive edge.

Considering technology as a strategic business investment, financial services companies can attain and uphold regulatory compliance, streamline their processes, enhance flexibility, increase profits, and aim for the standards of excellence expected by clients.

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Law Firm & Legal Offices

What if your case management program experiences a disruption? Would you be able to carry on with your daily operations if any of your mission-critical software malfunctions? With our vendor management expertise, we aid clients in offering support for the tools essential to your attorneys, ensuring the swift recovery of your critical applications. Our extensive vendor experience is well-versed in the software and hosted solutions commonly utilized within the legal industry.

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Property Industries

Businesses in the property industry, including estate agents, property investment, and property management companies, must now allocate resources to technology investments. This is essential to meet the expectations of their progressively tech-savvy customers and thrive in the competitive landscape of this market.

With a decade of experience collaborating with various property companies in Chicago, we understand the challenges you encounter. We can customize robust IT solutions to help you operate more efficiently, enhance process management, and deliver a top-notch customer experience.

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