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IT Support for your Industry

IT Support – tailored to your unique business requirements and goals.

Partnering with an IT Support company who understands your industry gives you a competitive edge and helps you to get ahead of your competition.

Although we support clients in a multitude of sectors, we have particular experience in the Financial Services, Healthcare, Property, Law and Professional Services industries.

What this means for you:

You won’t have to spend time explaining industry requirements and regulations, or teach us about your industry specific software.

We understand your business needs, the challenges you face and what IT solutions will provide your business with the greatest benefits.

Because we understand the specific challenges that businesses in your industry face, and have experience in implementing the right solutions to overcome them, we can start making improvements from day one that enhance your productivity, reduce downtime and allow you to focus on growing your business and increasing revenue.

Enterprise & Commercial

From small deployment to large implementations, we have done it all. Our IT experts can help you with planning, designing, and architecting to modernize your infrastructure. Monitoring and maintaining your infrustructure 24/7/365 is time consuming and expensive, when you have a business to run. The burden on your IT team could be a hefty one, as you try to ensure a solid infrastructure while still handling day-to-day concerns like a application, system outage, or hit with virus. We can even help you strategize an overhaul of your system, set new budgets, and define goals for your IT team, and provide augmentation, support or consultation to your existing staff. Our commitment to a lasting relationship, built around honesty and flexibility, sets us apart from other IT companies you may encounter.

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Small & Medium Businesses

With our complete IT Support monthly plans for your business you can have a predictable budget for your IT needs, and peace of mind knowing your systems are at their top performance level.

We analyze your tech support needs, design most efficient network, monitor and support your computer systems and provide with most reliable, dependable computer support and repair as part of our Managed Services. We focus on data security, business continuity and disaster recovery to keep your business up and running at all times. In addition, we also provide custom application development for unique business needs.

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Healthcare & Medical Practices

From medical software vendor management, to malware, spyware and virus protection for your desktops and servers; from computer network health to HIPAA compliance, in good times and in times for disaster readiness and recovery, you can trust us to keep your medical practice office up and running.

Top tier IT support is critical, especially in a healthcare environment. Medical practices must be able to sustain a reliable network while growing to meet the needs of an ever-changing dynamic industry. Because of our broad industry familiarity and proficiency, CTEK will support you with any and all IT needs within your medical practice, from initial system installation to a comprehensive range of support options thereafter.

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Federal, State & Local Government

Federal, State or Local Government, we specialize in bringing efficient, scalable technology solutions to the public sector. Whether you’re looking for a cloud computing government solution or need to modernize your IT environment to enable stronger data security, our IT experts have the connections and expertise to bring technology solutions aligned to your key initiatives.

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Manufacturing & Warehouse

Most small to medium size manufacturers have a “computer guy” to maintain computer technology that keeps their operations and production running. Relying on one person 24/7 may be stressful: addressing a malfunction of the computer system; installing and or upgrading existing software platform; implementing a technology security protocol and protection against ever evolving cyber-threats may be more than what your current tech support staff can handle.

We have the right solutions for your needs. When needed, our technical consultants will work side-by-side with your in-house technical professionals. We’ll be right there to handle a variety of tasks for you, from large-scale installations and upgrade projects to smaller but equally important tasks, such as providing technical support to your in-house staff, customers or vendors. Think of our team of computer support professionals as your own IT Department. Our IT Engineers and consultants have top-notch education and a real-time working experience in the manufacturing industry. Our expertise is in computer network integration and ongoing tech support through our Managed IT Services. We quickly resolve issues that may arise while also ensuring that your systems always run smoothly.

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Education & Non-profit

Need help with implementioin of Office 365 for your students and faculty, or you need to redefine your campus network infrastructure for increased speed and efficiency, we have the industry partnerships and experience in the education sector to deliver the results you need. We have many award-winning technology training programs designed to ensure your people know how to get the most out of classroom and campus technology. Wheather it is school district or a non-profit organization, we can help you meet the technology demands of today’s evolving classroom and education environment through a variety of storage, security, data management and network infrastructure solutions.

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Financial Services

The financial sector is highly competitive, strictly regulated and comes with high client expectations. In order to meet these demands, financial services organizations must invest in the latest technologies in order to maintain their competitive edge.

By viewing technology as a strategic business investment, financial services companies can achieve and maintain regulatory compliance, streamline their processes, become more flexible, boost profits, and strive towards standards of excellence that clients expect.

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Law Firm & Legal Offices

What happens if your case management program stops responding? Would you be able to continue with your day-to-day routine if any of your mission-critical software is down? We have experience in assisting clients with our vendor management in place we assist in providing support for the tools that your attorneys rely on every hour so you can get your critical application back on track. Our vendor experience is highly versed in the software and hosted solutions commonly used within the legal industry.

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Property Industries

Companies in the property industry, such as estate agents, property investment and property management companies now have to invest in technology in order to meet the demands of their increasingly tech-savvy customers and succeed in this crowded market.

Having worked with numerous Chicago based property companies over the past decade, we appreciate the challenges you face and can tailor powerful IT solutions to enable you to work faster, manage your processes better and provide a first-class customer experience.

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