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Many small to medium-sized manufacturers typically have a designated “computer guy” to oversee the computer technology that ensures the smooth operation of their production. However, relying on a single individual around the clock can be stressful. Dealing with system malfunctions, installing or upgrading software platforms, implementing technology security protocols, and protecting against constantly evolving cyber threats may surpass the capacity of your current tech support staff.

We offer tailored solutions to meet your needs. When necessary, our technical consultants will collaborate closely with your in-house technical professionals. We stand ready to handle a range of tasks, from large-scale installations and upgrade projects to equally important activities like providing technical support to your in-house staff, customers, or vendors. Consider our team of computer support professionals as an extension of your own IT Department. Our IT Engineers and consultants possess top-notch education and real-time working experience in the manufacturing industry. Our expertise lies in computer network integration and ongoing tech support through our Managed IT Services. We promptly address issues that may arise while ensuring your systems consistently operate smoothly.

IT Solutions Overview

  • Managed IT Support Services – 24/7/365 remote monitoring
  • Support Plans – onsite, remote and virtual computer network tech support
  • Hardware and Software management and upgrades
  • Virus, spyware and security protection for your computers and servers
  • Complete support and solutions for your practice
  • Improving MRP/ERP systems uptime through optimal system, setup support and resourcing

Customer Base

Manufacturers often have a larger workforce compared to a typical office, and not everyone on the production floor necessarily utilizes computer systems. CTEK offers IT services tailored for front offices of any size, supporting the overall production operations.

  • Small Office (up to 5 computer systems)
  • Medium Sized (6 – 10 computer systems, including a server)
  • Larger (11 – 50+ computer systems, including multiple servers)

Schedule a Free Consultation

Share some information about your needs, and we’ll arrange a complimentary consultation. During this session, we’ll assess your IT project goals and objectives and provide candid suggestions on the best way for you to proceed.