15 Years of IT Managed Services Expertise

Enterprise & Commercial

From small deployment to large implementations, we have done it all. Our IT experts can help you with planning,

designing, and architecting to modernize your infrastructure. Monitoring and maintaining

Federal, State & Local Government

Federal, State or Local Government, we specialize in bringing efficient,

scalable technology solutions to the public sector. Whether you’re looking for a cloud computing

Financial Services

The financial sector is highly competitive, strictly regulated and comes with high client expectations.

In order to meet these demands, financial services organizations must invest in the latest technologies

Small & Medium Businesses

With our complete IT Support monthly plans for your business you can have a predictable budget

for your IT needs, and peace of mind knowing your systems are at their top performance level.

Manufacturing & Warehouse

Most small to medium size manufacturers have a “computer guy” to maintain

computer technology that keeps their operations and production running. Relying on one person 24/7

Law Firm & Legal Offices

What happens if your case management program stops responding? Would you be able to continue

with your day-to-day routine if any of your mission-critical software is down? We have experience

Healthcare & Medical Practices

From medical software vendor management, to malware, spyware and virus

protection for your desktops and servers; from computer network health to HIPAA compliance

Education & Non-profit

Need help with implementioin of Office 365 for your students and faculty, or you need to redefine your

campus network infrastructure for increased speed and efficiency, we have the industry

Property Industries

Companies in the property industry, such as estate agents, property investment and property management

companies now have to invest in technology in order to meet the demands of their increasingly tech-savvy

IT Managed Services

Need any help? Our World Class Support team would love to help you.

We provide proactive IT support services and cater to the fast-changing needs of small to medium clients. We have a range of business IT support services, from sourcing the right solution to maintaining and supporting it on a day-to-day basis. Our experience gives us the skill and expertise required for effective and reliable IT support. We work with businesses, healthcare & medical practices, hotels & motels,  throughout the Chicago and surrounding suburbs. In addition to managed IT support and business IT services, we offer cloud securityinformation security and IT consulting.

If you are looking for support, a new IT provider or simply to improve your IT, we can help you. We offer excellent value-for-money and guarantee to make a measurable difference to the benefits you draw from IT.

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Your checklist for choosing an IT partner

Ensure you’re asking the right questions to find the right IT partners for your business.

Not all IT support companies are the same. If you want to find one that’s proactive and works to improve productivity in your business whilst reducing risk, you need to ask the right questions. Download this checklist and ensure you partner with a company that will add value.

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Our History

Founded in 2002 as a computer system integration and consulting company with a mission to deliver proven information technology solutions with tireless customer service. Over the years, we have evolved into a full IT solutions company. Our success is attributed to our clients and our dedicated employees.

Our Mission

To proactively work with your organization to maximize your return on investment and minimize your risks when implementing new technology solutions. Tireless Customer Service is our culture. Our strong focus on solutions with carefully selected partner’s positions us well to provide you with all your IT solutions.

What our clients are saying…

“I have worked at some of the biggest brands and names in American business. I have never worked with IT professionals as smart and dedicated as CompuTEK’s IT Team. Even today, he helped me figure out an AT&T system blockage issue stopping my home email.” Thank you CompuTEK!”
“They assigned us a TEK for our business and he is always available and responsive via phone, email, or text messaging.”
“An excellent team of professionals – have helped us for over 5 years now and I highly recommend them to others in my industry”
“We have been using CompuTEK for all our IT support since February 2006. We have a fully managed IT support contract with them which includes:1. Proactively monitoring of our computers / servers remotely. 2. Remote and or onsite support for our local corporate office as well 3 other offices in other states. I can happy say that we are very happy with the service we receive from CompuTEK. They send me a weekly update of outstanding issues and these are normally dealt with in a timely manner. I would highly recommend them as an IT support provider.”
“CompuTEK has provided a maintenance service for all of our IT equipment, something we have relied upon when technical issues arise. We have found CompuTEK to be proactive in suggesting ways for us to take advantage of new IT products and services.”


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We partner with industries topnotch reputable
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